Terms and Conditions

Please read this in its entirety

This is for the sale and installation of a penny auction script chosen from one of packages.

This agreement is made between you the BUYER and PennyAuctionSoftware.org, a division of Ameristyles , the SELLER

The terms and conditions are as follows-

On this day in 2011, the parties below agree that the software is being supplied by the seller for the use on a dedicated server for the purposes of running a penny auction site.. Included in this purchase price will be the installation of this penny auction software on the server of the buyer's choosing and up to 2 hours of telephone training on how to operate the software on the administration side. The software is for the explicit use on the the server that PennyAuctionSoftware.org  installs it on and. this agreement entitles BUYER to have a total of no more than 3 domains using this software and under no circumstances will the BUYER resell or modify to resell any portion of this script.

The buyer and seller agree that once the software has been purchased, any and all of the software/script will be the sole property of the buyer for the sole usage of running his own penny auction site. All of the content featured or displayed on the user’s final website, including but not limited to, text, graphics, photographs, images, moving images, sound, illustrations etc.is owned by the user and will not have any affiliations with the seller.

The buyer will not attempt to resell, copy or redistribute any part of this purch

The buyer is authorized to make any necessary modification(s( to the product to fit user’s purposes and satisfaction at buyer’s own risk. .

It is understood that the purchased product is a functional script free of back ends and loop holes. This is a non-refundable FINAL SALE purchase, however the script is guaranteed to have working timers,which is the most important part of the script. Seller will give a full refund of the purchase if the timers fail to operate properly and seller cannot immediately remedy the situation. Seller will provide updates to the script as improvements are made at no cost. Any request for refunds due to non-working timers must be made with 7 days from sale date and made writing.

Seller only guarantees this script to be functional if it remains unaltered and seller can not warranty any changes the buyer has made to the script by an independent 3rd party.

Should the buyer elect to purchase the $2,995 option for full service the seller will provide telephone training and advice in all areas of the penny auction business with no limitations. The full service option is recommended for people who need to have someone guide and assist them in all areas of business.

Disclaimer - The seller does not promote or endorse the use of shill bidding or any other form of artificial bidding,  Should Buyer engage in such activities, it is at his own risk and the Buyer herein indemnifies the Seller from any harm caused by his actions in running his or her penny auction site.

By purchasing, or authorizing the seller to charge a credit or debit card the buyer herein agrees and accepts these terms and conditions.