Why is this price range so wide on penny auction software?

Simple- you can find scripts as low as $49 and as high as $6000 for a PHP solution. If you are looking to run a true business do not even waste your time spending less than $1000. These inexpensive programs not only do not work properly, they are for the most part, unfinished product with multiple bugs. You simply cannot build a business on unreliable script, that is not designed for professional use,  and only has overseas support. If you try to save money going in, you will only end up paying much more for that mistake later on. Moreover imagine having a 100 people bidding on your site and the script crashes! There goes your reputation while you wait for an email response for support from a company that probably cannot even speak the English language. Keep in mind at our entry level price point you are receiving reliable STARTER script from us which will handle a few thousand viewers at most. It is a PHP solution. PHP as a language, is fine for building a small business but if you are looking to enter this business at the Quibids level and be able to handle 50,000 users you are going to need a custom .NET solution not a PHP solution and the cost is far higher. Anyone who tells you that you can run a multi-million dollar business the size of a Quibids, with simple PHP code, that can be purchased for a couple of thousand dollars, is not being truthful. While our PHP script is great for getting started you can expect to be spending money for a .NET solution if your business takes off in a big way and you are very successful. Of course, if you are making 500k a week, then re-investing 50K back into your business is a problem you would love to have. Custom .NET solutions start at 25K for basic foundation script and often end up at 40 to 50k as a final price after we modify it to be exactly what you want. Furthermore it will take anywhere from 3-5 months for our programmers to build this from scratch for you.

What kind a server do I need? Can I use my computer at home?

You need a minimum of a dedicated quad core 4 gig of RAM dedicated server to properly run a PHP auction site. Not a shared or virtual server for $20 or $30 a month. The cheapest we have found these type of servers for is $150 a month. We will be happy to assist. If you need a recommendation call or write us. You cannot run professional auction software from a home computer.

Who do I call in an emergency. The server company or the script company.

You call the company you purchased your penny auction script from. If they do not have emergency phone service available as an option, you purchased from the wrong company. Chances are the server company will not have a clue how to repair a script problem. Servers themselves rarely have problems if set up properly.

There are so many different sites selling penny auction script how do I choose?

Easy- use common sense. Get referrals from sites that are live you can contact.  If a company will not give you the names of customers to contact that is a huge red flag. Make sure the salesperson is knowledgeable and can answer your questions. Get a live person on the phone. Do not depend on just email correspondence when making this large a purchase. Moreover do not believe for one second that you can purchase a $1000 PHP script that will grow and can be expanded to handle the traffic of a Quibids. If you are told this, you are being misled. You can get a bigger server to help, but sooner or later you will need a custom script if your site is very busy with traffic. Pick up the phone and call us to get your questions answered before making any purchase.

How profitable is this business model?

That depends on you. There is no doubt there are some companies making a fortune running penny auctions while others seem to fall and fade away. Obviously a person who takes the time out to do some good marketing and analysis will do much better than a  person who just throws a site up and hopes that people will simply find them. We offer business consulting and tips on the ins and outs of the penny auction business if you need help.