Often people ask us about the penny auction business.

We do offer consulting services for the business model as there are many many things to know.

This would be true of any new business but especially so with penny auctions.

Our prices for consulting are on par with what you would expect to pay an attorney these days.

Our rates are $400 an hour with a minimum non-refundable retainer of $2000.00 regardless whether you use 5 minutes or 5 hours.

We also offer an unlimited time flat rate consulting package of $5000.00

While these rates may sound expensive, we have found over and over again, from our customers, that the money they save by using our consulting service is much greater than the fees we charge and we will be happy to provide references for you to call upon request.

80% of our customers do not buy script from us and contract us for guidance instead.

Email or call us for more information.